New and Used Office Furniture
We offer a large variety of office furniture for the modern office. Our new furniture lines have an endless assortment of options, styles, and functions. If it’s out there, we have it! Budget, mid-range and high end, we carry it all.

Cubicle Systems
Cubicles and panel systems are our specialties. We have solutions for all sizes of offices and all types of budgets. Our new systems are a way to splash some flash or elegance into your workplace. For those on a budget, our used cubicles can't be beaten. We have hundreds of used cubes at all times and can handle any size project from a few cubes to a few hundred cubes.

Our full-service project coordination tackles any size project from start to finish. Services include fast, efficient teardown & removal of cubicles, chairs, desks, files, tables etc.& thorough clean up saving your office from an expensive cleaning bill typically found with this type of endeavor. Our responsiveness to these matters allows us to move fast & best time sensitive deadlines. Whether your business is big business or small business we can solve the brass tacks of moving expenses.

AutoCAD Space Planning
Utilizing modern Auto-CAD office design software, our in-house Auto-Cad office design team will maximize your space efficiently. This invaluable service is conducive to a workplace that is a more prosperous & fruitful environment. Assuring accuracy & space maximization we will work with you to achieve the best results possible. Our years of experience in using this office design software enables us to provide several space-plans that pass regulations for you to choose from if you want. Therefore, giving you flexibility in efficiently designing your office space with style.

Delivery and Installation
Our commitment to a job well-done ends with our delivery & installation professionals. Our team will deliver & install all furniture orders requiring this service. The delivery teams are well trained to care for the furniture properly from the time it goes on our truck to your office. We assure that our team will deliver, clean, & properly install your office furniture the way you want it. With panel systems, we will ensure a proper, professional installation that you would expect. Our hard work & performance are paramount in your repeat patronage.

Relocation Services
Whether you’re moving your office, or just need your panel systems reconfigured, we have you covered. We offer full-service logistics and AutoCad space planning to make sure you have a seamless move.

IT Services
One of the challenges that accompany modular systems is the coordination of electrical and IT/Data. Total Office Solutions can assist by supplying all the services needed to complete your installation. Our services help keep your stress low, and your productivity high. We offer the following:

  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • AutoCAD Space Planning
  • IT/Data
  • Electrical

Project Management
Our Project Management services allow you to achieve all of your project goals in your given time constraints. From the initiation of your project, to the closing, you’re in good hands.